BUG:File status (color blue) remains modified after file has been committed

If I modify 1 file then commit it (using SVN) the File Status in the tab remains blue (modified).

Using version 8.0 build #9013. Version 8.0M1 didn't had this problem. This is an annoying bug :(

Work around is after commiting the file, modify it then revert it.

There is a JIRA ticket for this one (http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEA-18893) which was created on July 27, 2008 but Version 8.0M1 was built after July 8 and didn't had this problem.

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I can't recreate this all the time.. but this happened to me twice today.

I'll test some more with my own SVN repo.

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meh, i can't recreate this consistently... just ignore this post. sorry

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