IntelliJ 7.0.3 JBoss EJB3 Debug takes hours to start

Hey everyone,

When I start my embedded JBoss container in DEBUG mode in intelliJ it literally takes hours to start the application.

If I start the JBoss container in normal (RUN) mode, its starts in under a minute and everything looks and works fine.

I have been able to start the JBoss container in DEBUG mode for months now, and it has just recently (this week) started misbehaving.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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ctrlshftF8 shows all break points.

I cant remember exactly which thread I read, which seemed to indicate that breakpoints on methods are BAD news!!

After removing the only method breakpoint in the list my app is responding, the container starts as usual.

My problem is resolved.

Hope this helps you


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Hi Scott, thanks for posting the answer you found -- that will be helpful at some point.

I've noticed very slow debugging on code that includes bytecode enhancements -- e.g. hibernate. Specifically CGLIB and ASM. Any tips on how to get IJ to perform better in that scenario?

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