Clicking on line number gutter now selects the line :-{

I enabled the line number gutter so that I could very rapidly position
the cursor at the begging of a line (mainly to past some text there).
But now in 963, that same action selects the line, requiring me to use
fine motor control to click at the just the right spot so the curser is
positioned at the beginning of the line.

Was this change intentional? If so, I would like to lobby for it be
reverted to its previous behavior or to make it configurable.

(BTW, previously selecting a single line from the line-number gutter
required that a click and small drag. I see this as ok because I very
more often want to position vs select the whole line.)

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Bless you. I hate the new functionality too, and it's nice to see I'm not the only one.

SCR 11276 asks for the new behavior (although it's still marked as Open), and I've expressed my wish for negative votes there. Hopefully they'll at least make it an option.


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