IDEA extremely slow!

Ruby On Rails

The IDE seems to be extremely slow, and it’s causing other applications to respond extremely slowly as well. I’ve restarted my machine a couple of times thinking the problem might be the computer itself, but I’ve noticed that other applications respond normally until I start IDEA. When I run a unit test (on a single method), the CPU load stays higher than seems normal 15 – 30%, spins for almost 3 minutes, then returns this error:

(I'm using a Ruby script called remote_test_server to run the test)

Invalid argument

Could not obtain drb reference to remote test runner on port 61690.

Is it running?

In the remote_test_server tab I get the error:

failed to allocate memory

Any thoughts, please help!



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Do you have enough memory allocated to IDEA?
I find that the default values in the idea.exe.vmoptions aren't enough
I changed mine to:

There are other posts in the forums suggesting other JVM options to make IDEA feel more 'snappy'


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