IntelliJ IDEA 8.0M1 - how stable is it?


I'm thinking about starting to use Intellij IDEA 8.0M1, but I won't make the switch if it's not stable to use on a daily basis. Could someone who's used it for a little while tell the rest of us how stable it is, major changes one should consider, pros cons (agains 7.0.4 preferably).



i used intellij7 for about a year. intellij8 m1 was stable in all my typical tasks, plus some annoying bugs were fixed.

the only drawback is that most of the plugins do not work. if you rely heavily on custom plugins, i would not recommend using idea8 yet.


Why switch? Why not install both IntelliJ 7.0.4 and IntelliJ 8.0? They don't bite, and it gives you an option to try out the new features, while being able to revert back to 7.0.4 when 8.0M1 proves to be to unstable...


if you want to do this although, it might be wise to keep your 7.x project files somewhere, as I think they'll be modified by IDEA 8.
You'll still be able to open them using 7.x but some settings may be lost/altered I guess.


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