Empty/gray dialog boxes on linux java6 - any solution yet?

I've had this problem for over a year: linux, multiple screens and 3D desktop as many developers have.
In all the time no solution has appeared. What I´ve heard is that it's a bug in Java 6, anyway this has to
be solved. Seems like it's only in IDEA it occurs for me. Fellow developers using eclipse and wanting to
try IDEA 8's GWT plugin choose to abandon the ship due to this..

So, can anybody push this issue? Make sun do something? Whatever? I had to give up my Linux workstation
for my MacBook Pro...


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As of jdk1.6_10, I'm no longer experiencing this issue. I had downloaded this jdk version as an EAP, I'm not sure if its been officially released yet.


~ kc

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Did you've tried the following line?

export AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit

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yes, used that in the beginning until it started screwing up other things I've now forgotten :)


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My friend got it to work using that version, I'll try it in the weekend.




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