switching keymap to emacs then back

i'm using IntelliJ w/ a mac os X. i'm having trouble with my keymap.

i switched the keymap from the default, then back to emacs, but some of the keymaps didn't switch back completely. for example, go to file is still 'control shift n', instead of 'command shift n'. however, some of the keymaps did change. for example, go to class changes from 'alt shift G' (keymap set to emacs), to 'control n'. but the way go to class was originally was 'command n'.

maybe it thinks i'm on a PC, not a mac...? how can i get it to switch back to the mac keymap?


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ok, so i figured it out--kind of a silly question. there's a keymap called 'mac os X' that i should have selected. perhaps 'default' should be renamed 'windows' or something like that. but in the end, i just missed it. thanks.


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