How to remove "web" directory from web services project

Hi all,

When I created a new Web Services project for my JSP application IntelliJ automatically creates a directory called "web" inside of my directory where I'm storing my files and where Tomcat is configured.


Tomcat is configured to look here for my application:
E:\Public\Files\My Docs\Web\Sites\home

Inside the home directory is a directory ROOT\ that contains my application directory myApp\.

So when I load up in a browser http://localhost/myApp/myJSP.jsp the page loads.

After setting up IntelliJ for a web service project to manage my JSP's IntelliJ created a new directory called "web" (contains JSP's and WEB-INF) inside the myApp directory that it uses as the base directory for the project.

The problem is that my URL is now: http://localhost/myApp/web/myJSP.jsp. Is there a way to change the project properties so I do not have to use the extra "web" directory?


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