Jar synchronization problem


I have such problem: during IDEA work hard reboot of PC was performed. After that most of jar files from global libraries are out of sync. I see them in tree, but without stracture. And classes from these jars are not available (imports are marked in red). New libraries I create works fine (if I add another pathes, not broken one).

Is it possible to syncronize libraries manually?

Thanks a lot!

IDEA 7.0.4 build 7941

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Maybe first check if the library definitions in the project settings are correct.

If those look ok, then close IDEA, delete its system folder (in .IntelliJIdea80) and restart IDEA.
You'll loose the local history, though. If that is valuable for you, then you could get by deleting just the "caches" subfolder of the system folder.

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Unfortunatelly I lost also global libraries and some other global things. Next time will be carefully. Suppose caches and/or jars could be enough..

Thanks anyway. :)


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