why does svn under IDEA fail to recursively add directories?

I am using IDEA 7.0.4.

I just copied a major directory structure into a part of my file system that IDEA knows to be part of one of my projects. Within a second or two, the newly copied directory shows up in IDEA's project view. So far so good.

Then I right click on the directory, choose Subversion --> Add and the directory's name turns green like it should for a newly added item. I commit. that works too.

But then I find out to my horror (actually, my boss IMed me saying that I just broke a build...) that all I did was merely add the top level directory itself, but none of its contents were recursively added.

What happened? I thought that svn directory adds by default are recursive.

I had to manually go thru every item and manually add it, which made me furious, in order to get our build to work.

Not sure if this is relevant or not, but the directory that I added previously existed. The old version i first deleted in IDEA/svn, committed that change, then I added the new version as described above. i would have thought that the delete the old and commiting before adding the new would keep IDEA/svn from getting confused, but maybe not...

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I have been wondering about the same issue. I'm not sure if I'm dumb or just should have read the manual better. Frankly, it's a pain in the buttocks to separately add each single file for example under a Grails plugin directory.

I'm currently using Idea 8.0M1 on OS X.

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I've noticed it recently as well, but I'd just assumed I'd misconfigured something.


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