Anyone else being asserted to death?

I am getting a nearly constant stream of asserts in build 957 on OSX. While they are plentiful, I wanted to check and see if others were getting them all the time before posting each and ever occurence of them to Tracker.

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yeah I've been getting a few.... here's my most recent:, and another:

not sure whats happened, but I think I'm going to put on ice the idea of using the multi-modules.

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I started the thread you mention. What does your source path and libraries tab look like? Do you have any hierarchical relationships?

for example, /a/b/c in your sourcepath, and /a/b in your libraries classpath as well?

In my case I had such a relationship, and I reworked it, and the problems went away.

I also re-built my project (although I had the problems in the new project as soon as I set my classpath up the way it was in the old project).



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