Anyone having trouble debugging local web apps with 7.0.4?

This morning is the first time I have debugged a web app since upgrading from 7.0.3 to 7.0.4. (local Weblogic 9.2) and the debugger works great right after I fire it up. I can set a break point and it is stopped at. Please note I said "a" break point, it won't stop any any other breakpoints. Also, if I set new break points for subsequent runs it won't stop at those, it insists on stopping at the original break point. Also, sometimes there are long pauses between it showing the debug information (pauses measured in minutes). Evenutally it just all freezes up and I have to kill the idea.exe process.

I was soft of confused at first as I have never had a problem before, then I realized I hadn't debugged a local web app since upgrading to 7.0.4. So I am blaming 7.0.4 for now:-)

Anyone else had issues?

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I re-installed Weblogic 9.2 (MP3 this time, believe I was running 9.2 without any maintenance packs before) and the problem went away.

So really not sure what the problem was but a re-install of Weblogic has fixed it.


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