JNDI on Tomcat 5.5 Stopped working

I've been trying to sort this for a day now and it's driving me mad!!

I had JNDI working to lookup JDBC and JMS. I've done something in IntelliJ and it no longer works. Everything looks OK, but the log files report something along the following lines...

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name jms is not bound in this Context

Strangely enough, when I deploy the same project in an instance of Tomcat started outside of IntelliJ (same Tomcat as referenced in IntelliJ), it all works.

Any help gratefully received

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IntelliJ build #7905 (7.0.4, I think), Tomcat 5.5.17

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After searching the forums, this appears to be a 7.0.4 problem.

Solution is to change web facet deployment source to "exploded", instead of "xxx.war"


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