Intellij v.7.0.2 Mac OS X Leopard - getCanonicalPath

I have just finished setting up my new MacBook Pro with IntelliJ Idea 7.0.2 and cannot buil my project.

I'm running IntelliJ Idea 7.0.2 on OS X Leopard and having an issue with the intellij compiler saying:

"@NotNull method com/intellij/compiler/impl/packagingCompiler/ProcessingItemsBuilder.getCanonicalPath must not return null"

I have never seen this error when building my project before on Window XP and cannot find anything about it on google and in this forum.

Does anyone have a clue?


Anyone, please?

It is frustrating that I cannot use my new MacBook Pro for developing because of this error when building my project.


Found a wrong path in two of my modules.... Sorry for bumping my question earlier....


Could you expand on the exact nature of the problem that caused you to get this error and how you located it? I am getting the same problem (on Windows XP) after copying a project to a new computer.

It sure would be nice if we got a friendlier error message.....


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