Problem packaging EAR - 8M1


I am uising 8M1 and trying to package an EAR such that at the top level I have a lib directory such that the exploded EAR structure looks something like this:

my.war (Existing facet)
my-ejbs.jar (Existing facet)

I am able only some of the desired structure with my Project properties. I have been able to get the application.xml and the war and ejb jar (which are existing project facets) to be included and I've created a Project library for the jars in the lib directory but I am unable to associate it with the J2EE5 application facet. When I click on "Add" button in the "Modules and Libraries to Package" section of my J2EE Application facet the I find that "Add Library" along with "Add Module" and "Add Facet" are greyed out. Is this a bug or am I just going about things wrongly?


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