Internal error msg dialog


i have a request concerning the dialogbox which tells that an internal
error message has occured (and where i can tell either to ignore it
or to shutdown idea).

i have this dialogbox popup once in a while regardless of the file
type (java, xml, properties etc). as rule of thumb to bigger the file
the more often it comes up. usually this is no problem as i can
safely ignore the message and keep on working.

on aspectj files on the other hand it pops up every minute (even shorter because it does multiple times in a row then). at the moment it is
simply not possible to use the product because my work then
mainly consists of "ignoring" the error message.

is it possible to
a) disable that friggin dialog
b) reroute the message somewhere else (of course without loosing
the focus from the editor)?

eap 944
linux (suse 9.0)
java 1.4.2_1

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simply disable the DIALOG-Appender in $IDEA_HOME/log.xml

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thank you sir!

this seems to have quite the wished effect.

ciao robertj


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