IDEA's choice for new method/variables

I personally like to put all my class variables at the end of the class. I then like to put my methods in order of visibility with public being at the top. I put constructors and static methods above all non-static methods. When I allow intellij to create methods and variables it puts them in different places.

Is it reasonable to ask idea to put new variables with all the others?

Is it reasonable to ask idea to put methods in a specific order?

I don't really mind moving them, but it would be nice.

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Sorry, could not get it to work with build 929 (the last usable) :(

Some further ideas:
- add method criteria for implementing/overriding method
- add fixed (separator) comments an any place between two entries


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Hmm, yes, I see that the code they recommended to detect whether a method is overridden uses a Psi function that was added after 929. Sorry. Let's wait until tonight (or is it tomorrow? :?) when the new EAP build is released. I'd rather not try to retrofit it to 929, and perhaps the neue version will be more usable for you.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely do the first. Doing the second would require detecting previously-inserted separator comments so as not to continue emitting more and more separators. I think the comments would have to be // (to end of line) style comments because /* / and /* */ get absorbed as JavaDoc comments into the subsequent field or method's Psi definition. Hmm....



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