Merging 'debug' and 'run' tabs?

There was a discussion about merging these two tabs some time ago. Does
anybody remember if there was any resolution or any issue created?

I personally find it a pain to have to switch back and forth the between
the tabs when debugging client/server apps. In this context I always
have several debuggers running and several normal runs. I would rather
just see them all at once so I can quickly switch between them.

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That was a LONG time ago. I think pre web-site (like back when e-mail was used).

At the time the argument against had something to do with the fact that the debug tab could only have one occurrence. Since that is no longer an issue, it seems that this proposal is again useful.

A couple of points though:

1) We want to make sure that we preserve the current "replacement" behavior where a new run session is placed on top of a terminated old run session (and similar with the debug)

2) There are times when having the multiple areas is useful. I typically run my run "tab" on the right, and the debugger along the bottom. I don't know if this behavior could be preserved or not.


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I think this distinction is confusing too; sometimes I will forget that I have a debug session running and forget I was debugging at all, because I'm so used to using Run to run things. I know that's a weird reason to merge Run and Debug but that's what happens to me.


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