IDEA 7.03 and Mac OS X "Leopard" Spaces

Just upgraded my MacBook Pro to OS X 10.5.4 (Leopard). A new feature of OS X is Spaces, a multiple desktop window manager. I find it makes development a little easier by providing an easy way to quickly move between development screens (Shell, IDEA, TextMate) and other application views, such as a browsers (Safari, Firefox). The idea is, you can group applications into a Space and switch between spaces very easily. (I've also used similar tools in Gnome and a Windows XP PowerToy.)

However, IDEA 7.03 doesn't seem to play well with Spaces. For instance, my Spaces preference is to show the Spaces icon in the menu bar, but IDEA doesn't show it - maybe because it's so full already. Also, when using command-tab to switch to open windows, selecting an application with a window open in another space is supposed to cause that space to be displayed. This works with other apps I've tried, but not with IDEA. If I'm in Space 1 with an open Firefox window and cmd-tab to IDEA, I get the IDEA menu bar, but no IDEA editor window and still see the Firefox window - meaning I'm still in Space 1. I have to ctrl-arrow to Space 2 where IDEA is to see the IDEA window. However, if I'm in IDEA in Space 2 and cmd-tab to Firefox (in Space 1), then Space 1 opens and I see the Firefox window, not the IDEA window. This is how I think Spaces is supposed to work.

I'm sure this is a small thing compared to the bigger issues JetBrains is working on, but I thought I'd mention it.


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However, IDEA 7.03 doesn't seem to play well with Spaces.

It's Java 5 on the Mac which does not play well with Spaces. It's fixed with
Java 6.



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