Is there a plugin for reversing uml?

I am reading the source of a project .for there are so many classes I need a uml reversing plugin to see the summary and profile of the project.Is there a good plugin for that?

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There's the simpleUML plugin. I tried it years ago, but do not remember much about it, and it has been updated some. So I do not know if it will do reverse UML.

There are also some other tools, such as the Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) available from Visual Paradigm. That tool has an IDEA plugin (you install it from the VP-UML application itself). It is a commercial product, but a good one. It's the one I use, and I've been very happy with it. When I was trying to find a good UML tool a few years ago, I found the free ones (at least at the time) were rather basic. It's obviously very involved to write a good UML tool, so this makes sense. The Visual Paradigm products aren't cheap, but given what they can do, the price is reasonable. And some of the others I looked at were far more expensive than VP-UML, and I didn't like them as much. VP-UML offers full reserve engineering, version control integration, and does a great job of keeping all the diagrams in sync, as well as the diagrams and your code.

In addition to Visual Paradigm for UML, Visual Paradigm also makes Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment (SDE) which is an IDEA plug-in. SDE and VP-UML are basically the same product. The difference is that VP-UML is a separate application that has an IDE plug-in which allows you to open up the VP-UML application from IDEA (or any other IDE). But again, it opens up in a separate window and the majority of the work is done there. The plug-in creates the UML project files within your IDEA project file structure (fully configurable) and adds some other integration/syncing abilities. Conversely, with the SDE, the work is done completely within the IDEA window. The slight downside of the SDE is that it must be purchased for a specific IDE, such as IDEA, where as the VP-UML provides its plug-in for all major IDEs. I got the VP-UML to prevent issues such as IDEA getting updated and breaking the SDE plug-in, but there is a delay in the SDE getting updated. Thing like that. Having to switch to a separate window to do my UML work is not a major issue for me. Plus at times it has its advantage that I can have it open on a separate monitor as I code in IDEA.

There are trial versions available. They limit the size of the project (i.e. number of classes in a diagram for example.) It's been awhile since I've used the trial versions. But I think you can create a large project, but you simply can't save it.

Sorry if I sound like a commercial. I've just been happy with VP-UML so I don't mind singing their praises. Give the simpleUML plug-in a try, If it doesn't meet your needs, try the VP-UML.

Hope that helps.

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thank for your detailed answer.actually I've download vp uml a while ago.but it seemd like I haven't install it and the trial key has expired.Now I installed the eclipse plugin of it,but fail to install,It said some files can not be created.I don't know why.Basically commercial software is better than free ones all the time.


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