eclipse maven integration (m2eclipse) overtaking IntelliJ?


before sonatype (stands behind m2eclipse plugin) was founded, IntelliJ (with the rise of 7.x) seemed to have the best maven integration on market. but know in my view m2eclipse is really taking ahead, for following reasons:

  • Nexus as indexing tool, which makes dependency resolving really fast. Generally resolving dependencies is working very smooth.
  • Workspace resolution: if project is checked out m2eclipse resolves to it, otherwise it goes for the maven repository. Workspace resolution can be switched on/off.
  • Maven import: Just go on project and enable Maven2 is enough (with IntelliJ I often need to go for command-line 'mvn idea:idea' to make things work. further more it is not intuitive if i need to make a "project maven import" though project is already setup in project-browser, if i got a project with a pom.xml it should be possible to just switch maven on and not going to many dialogs)
  • Maven project creation: Create project by archetype is supported (visual editing is planned). Browsing of dependendent poms possible.
  • Planned integration with OSGi, which will be a very important feature, because the strategy of maven and OSGi when it comes to dependency management go hand in hand (see maven bundle plugin). IntelliJ in my impression seems to neglect OSGi a bit, though it will be an important thing on top of java-apps...
  • ]]>

    to me maven integration of an IDE is extremely important because dependency-management and lifecycle inside software-development is the basis of all. if that does not work fluently it is a reason for me to switch an IDE. to summarize: i really love IntelliJ but for maven integration issues i am working with eclipse.
    maybe IntelliJ could "steel" some features of m2eclipse so maven integration won't be the reason to hold back from IntelliJ...

    with this post i just want to discuss whether you perceive the same as me or if i just use the maven integration of IntelliJ the wrong way. or what are the new maven features of Diana? when looking at jira it seems to be be more bug fixes than new big features (as explained in above points).

    thanks for your thoughts.

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    I think at least (4) is planned for Diana.


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