XML: Code completion based on local schema file fails on top level

I have a XHTML file which can contain XHTML, XSL and tags from a 3rd party JS framework
with namespace "j"; code assist for the 3rd party JS framework "j:..." tags is provided
via a local XML schema file.

As soon as one adds subtags to an existing j:-tag, the code assist mechanism seems to
function properly :) ! The same holds true for adding attributes to an existing j:-tag.

Where the code assist for the 3rd party j:-tags fails is:
- On the top level within the XHTML file; only XHTML and XSL tags are offered
- Invoking "Control-q" on a j:-tag does NOT show any documentation; even though in the XML
schema .xsd file documentation can be found in the following form:

<xs:documentation>I am documentation for a 3rd party j:-tag ...

How can one get top-level code assist and documentation for such 3rd party tags which are
backed by a local XML schema file ?

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