[Off topic] Effective Java Book Club

I hope you allow a long time IDEA user and forum participant to make a slight digression.

Since you use the best IDE available, with a great set of static inspections, you are probably interested in advancing your own Java skills. ;)

The Java classic "Effective Java" has finally been published in second edition, extended and enhanced for Java 5 and 6.
I consider myself an advanced programmer, but by merely a quick glance at some of the advice from the book I learned a couple of new things (for example item 78: "Consider serialization proxies instead of serialized instances").

So: Me and a couple of colleagues are going to work through the book one chapter per week.

I'd like to invite anybody interested in this to join us for discussion of the book's items at http://n2.nabble.com/Effective-Java-f34745.html
We will start discussing the first chapter on Mon, July, 21th (so that anybody has a chance to grab a copy and start reading).

There's no commercial interest at all (nor any other interest apart from discussing the book) and the forum is ad-free.

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Java geekery! I'm in. Josh Bloch is a rock star.



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