Exporting Facets (Web, JEE, etc.) to .iws or .ipr

Hy there,

I am quite new here, starting with a "simple" question right ahead:

Is there (i mean i guess yes...) a possibility to export the project attributes, or mannualy add them to .iws or .ipr files.
Most of the attributes of our projects are exportet correctly, the only thing missing if someone else is getting the project
from our version servers and starts it, are the different facets.

Any idear/ help/ link that explains me how to export these facet konfigurations is heartly welcome.

Thanks for your time & have a nice day;)


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Hy guys,

Its me again, found it out;)

.iws -> stores Run- / Debug Configs
.iml -> stores Modules, Librarys & Facets

You should be able to modify them for your needs, using the Intellij Help.



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