plugin installation question

i know that this question is not about developing idea but i'm despairing because i don't find a answer for my question in the forums and anywhere else.

how do you load the plugins-classes and especially the images/properties.files because they aren't in the classpath??? i have a problem with a option in my application! i want to "install" all the lookAndFeels which the user put into a special folder on my application startup to the UIManager. in the options the user can choose one of this lookAndFeels the programm has scanned and installed. my problem is that i can't load the classes and especially the images and resources from the lookAndFeel-jar-files!!! for the classes i found a soltution that works: UIManager.getLookAndFeelDefaults().put("ClassLoader", lookAndFeelClass.getClassLoader()); but java can't load the images. how do you do this with your plugins?
please help me, i'm so despairing! thank you guys!


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