Maven Debug does not stop at breakpoints

I just started using IntelliJ 7.0.3 to try it out.

In the Maven project view, I'm doing right-click Debug on install in the LifeCycle, but it doesn't stop at any of my breakpoints.

In the Debugger view, I get the message:
"Disconnected from the target VM, address: '', transport: 'socket'

The port is different every time.

I'm using an external MAVEN_HOME and the Maven Runner also uses the external Maven.

The breakpoints are big red dots with red(pink) highlight over the line of code.

Am I using this wrong?

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I am having the same problem .   I created  a sample project to demonstrate it:

1. Clone this in your IntelliJ-IDEA (2018) :

2.  Put breakpoint in class

3.  Create a IntelliJ-IDEA Maven run configuration with `clean verify`   and try to run it with Debugger.

4.  You'll notice it doesnt stop on break point.   What am I doing wrong?


The reason this happens is that IntelliJ cannot connect to debugger in forked failsafe thread.   So, you need to run maven to start a debugger on port 5005:

mvn -Dmaven.failsafe.debug verify


Then, connect IDE debuger to that port.  Then it works.   This was not obvious and tricky to figure out.


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