Problem with Tomcat integration: Address localhost:8080 is already in use


I'm having a strange problem with the Tomcat integration. Suddenly I get the error "Error running ]]>: Address localhost:8080 is already in use".

I can run Tomcat outside IDEA without any problems. When I do that I see the Tomcat intro page on 8080. When I shutdown Tomcat there isn't anything on 8080.
IDEA even doesn't try to start Tomcat before bringing up this error. I tried it with a GWT project and with another web project that doesn't use GWT at all.

I even deleted the system folder to make sure IDEA's caches didn't get wild or something like that.

There's probably some other problem, but IDEA doesn't give any hints on that, the log also doesn't show anything.


P.S.: Using IDEA #5594 and Tomcat 5.5.17

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OK, I found out what the problem was myself. Apparently Kaspersky Anti-Virus blocked IDEA from connecting localhost:8080.

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This also happens if you have an instance of Tomcat running already (not in your case, but in general). I have been caught by this a few times. Be sure to stop Tomcat before launching the application with the IDE.

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