After subversion username / password change can't authenticate to SVN

After our office changed our SVN server to use our windows username and password I can no longer authenticate to SVN.

On an update request it will ask for the Username and Password (Filling in username with maldrax) I correct the user name to WINDOWSNETWORK\maldrax and enter in my windows password. I get the dialog again, and again until I give up.

tortoise SVN works just fine.

What I have tried.
Under the Version Control settings I have hit the clear authentication cache.
I have set the check box for Use System default Subversion directory
I have detected the Application Data subversion folder
I have created a new folder and set that as my Subversion configuration directory
I have unistalled intellij
I have reinstalled intellij
I have tried a clean checkout
I have cursed.
I have asked my friends for help.
I have considered using Eclipse.

I am using #7757 build on windows XP.

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I have almost the same problem.
My problem is that we've always been on the windows ntlm auth but for some reason IDEA recently decided it didn't want to work anymore.
It used to but one day just stopped. I get the same prompt over and over again.

I too can use tortoise just fine.

I have tried all the same things you did.

hopefully someone has an answer, i really hate jumping out to tortoise to update/commit.


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