New inspections UI

Just ran some inspections in build 944 and got a nice surprise: the UI is
much improved now. Nice work - the new tree view is much nicer to use than
the multitude of tabs that would get opened previously. Thanks!

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I cannot say that I like it better than the previous version, but perhaps I need to get used to it.
The first impression is that the new inspection result tree is too noisy. A lot of tree nodes are redundant. Also, the spacings between the adjacent tree nodes are smaller than in e.g. project tree, which makes reading difficult. I've got some improvement ideas, which I am gonna post to tracker.

Also, I would like these long-standing requests being eventually implemented:

Code Inspection UI: Add "Group by Class" button

Code Inspection UI: Add "Expand All" / "Collapse All" buttons

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Have a look and vote:

Code Inspection results UI: remove redundant information from treeview


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