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I am new, coming from Eclipse (no tomatoes please) and seem to be having a difficult transition trying to unlearn certain Eclipse behavior. The one question I have, right now is, is it possible to configure a different JDK for each Module in my Project. By this I mean, in Eclipse, I could have a workspace contain one or more projects and each project could use a different version of the JDK.

I've opened up File -> Settings -> Modules but cannot see how I can select a specific JDK for the particular Module. Just for clarification, I have created a new GWT Module using the 1.4.62 release of GWT and it requires JDK 1.4.x whereas all of my other Modules are happily using JDK 5 and Generics.

As a possibly unrelated issue to the new GWT Module, I am also getting a "Class 'java.lang.Object' is not presented in JRE Emulation Library so it cannot be used in Client code". Note, I get the same error for java.lang.Throwable. I have configured the libraries to include the developer and user Jar files from the GWT distribution. I apologize if this is a separate issue.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Almost had it :)

If you're in File -> Settings -> Project Settings -> Modules you just need to click on the "Dependencies" tab on the right hand side and you should see a pull down menu for Module JDK.


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