944: Project Open, Parsing Files = OutOfMemory and 100% CPU Usage

I tried opening a project in a fresh install of 944 (new caches directory and all, but opted to import settings from 939) and when I do open it up, it brings up the "Parsing files" dialog, my computer slows down, the lights dim (just kidding) and the next thing I know I am getting OutOfMemoryErrors in the console. I have to end up killing it.

This is on W2K, 1GB RAM 1.8 Ghz AMD Athalon.

I tried deleting some things out of the "system" directory (e.g. caches) with no success.



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1. I've had this (oom when creating system cache) happen to me when using
concurrentgc. Returning to standard gc, cache created ok. Also, haven't seen
this in recent versions (maybe 1.4.2 has better concgc implementation).

2. Add more memory for idea use?

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Thanks Carlos 512 MB and still no luck. Time to add it to tracker.

Stack Trace


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