Can't add new class...



If I have the tab Packages selected, by clicking in rigth mouse button I can't create new class for some selected package.

But if I left the source dir, in the project tab, selected then I can create new class at Packages tab.

Is this a navigation bug?


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sounds to me like you're trying to create a new class outside a nominated src folder - thats not it is it?


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Of corse not!
If I'm in the Packages tablet, for me it's implicit that the source folder is slected, or any class creation is inside a src folder for the respective package.

My answer is in the user observation way.

If we have multiple src folders and the Packages tab shows the sum of all then we may have a problem to know which src folder is for.

In my point of view, multiple src folders is an inovation, sometimes a complication, but the Packages tab should be aware of that.

Also is stupid on tabled depending from de other.

Look at this situation: I have two (can be more) src folder regarded for project modules, in both's we have the same package. Does the Package tablet helps to understand packages source tree? I think not, because easly I'll be confused about what classes are for each src module (folder). Don't you agree?

I think that, or Idea shows idependent packages tree for each src folder int the Pacakegs tablet, or only accept one src folder.


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Accepting only one source folder would be a HUGE step backwards!

Easy solution: if the user creates a new class in the Packages View, IDEA should present the user with a list of the current available source folders and let s/he select where to create the class. And yes, I think that IDEA should show a source folder even if the selected package doesn't exists in that folder. In that case, IDEA would create the package directories before creating the class.


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