Can't get 939 to work

Am I the only one that is stuck on 939? It seems like multiple source paths in a module don't work (or at least the editor has difficulty).

Whenver I add or remove items to the source path I get a recurring exception that forces a reboot.

When creating a new project, I get an exception (which I was told to ignore), but it doesn't go away. Further, it seems like it interfers with creating the cache, because on subsequent reboots it does the full parse again. (Cache files were initially empty -- new install).

I have filed automatic problems for all of these, but (407 problems filed at last count), but I wonder if our jetbrains friends are going to be able to effectively prioritize that kind of volume (I know what my manager would do to me if I got 407 problems in 2 days :)

Is there anything we can do to help? I have backed off to 922 in the short term, but I feel like I am failing in my duty to test the lastest code. I'd like to find a way to get you guys feedback you can use.


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