Creating a branch, based on a tag. Possible?

This all assumes that I've already tagged all files with 'rc2_root'

I basically want to:

I don't see from the GUI how I can do this. (the -r part).

The idea here, is that I want to make absolutely certain what revisions are used to make the branch. So in my sandbox, I confirm I have the revisions of the files that I want, and then tag them all with 'rc2_root'. Then when making the branch, I can tell CVS to "use this tag as the basis of the branch". I know that I can simply issue a "cvs update" to make sure no-one else has made changes, immediately before doing my branch. But... in the seconds between doing that, and actually doing the branch, perhaps someone else has commited a change (i'm imaging a much larger workforce than I currently work in, but that's what paranoia is all about, right?)

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I think what you will have to do is:

1. Do an update, specifying the rc2_root tag in the Update screen. That will make your project sticky to that tag.
2. Create the branch (and since your sandbox is sticky, it'll be created at the rc2_root tag)
3. Do another update to switch either back to the HEAD or to the new branch

An extra step, but it should work.

It would be nice to have the -r option on the "Create Branch" dialog box. See if there is a JIRA for such yet. If not please consider creating one. Either way, if you post its number here, I'll vote for it.


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