Struts Form Properties Not Resolving Correctly in Struts Tags


I'm using intellij idea 7.0.3.

I'm getting an issue with parsing jsp files that contain the html:form tags.

I have an ActionForm that looks like this ...

public class CustomerForm extends ActionForm {

private Customer _customer;

public void reset(ActionMapping mapping,
HttpServletRequest request) {
_customer = new Customer();

public Customer getCustomer() {
return _customer;

public void setCustomer(Customer customer) {
_customer = customer;

and then in a jsp file, i have this...

<html:form action="/customerSave" >
<html:text property="customer.firstname"/>

The problem i am getting with idea 7.0.3 is that on parsing the jsp file, customer is detected as correct (and shows up green) but anything deeper than the top level (i.e firstname, lastname) etc shows up as red.

All getter and setter methods are definied correctly and the code works perfectly when running on under tomcat, but idea keeps showing it as an error. this did not happen in version 6.

Is there a setting or something that i am missing or could this be a big in the software ?

I apologise if this has already been discussed, answered but i wasn't able to find it on searching.

thanks very much


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I guess noone else is having this issue ????

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Hello Damian,

I verified this bug, you can watch for progress.

Thanks for reporting,


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Hi Yann,

THANKYOU !! i thought i was going insane. I'll keep an eye on that report.

Much appreciated.



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