Problem with setting up a Web Module based on existing source


I recently started working on a Web application. This application was setup based on the recommended sun blueprints layout.

The developers used a text editor and build the application with Ant. However we are thinking of using an IDE for development. We looked at NetBeans and IDEA.

It took us 2 minutes to setup a project in NetBeans 4.1 to be able to edit and modify the application. NetBeans has a choice to create a "Web Project with Existing Ant Script" and if the project is based on Sun Blueprints layout then it automatically knows where all the sources are and imports all the files. All you have to do is point it to the myapp1 directory in the Sun blueprints layout.

We downloaded the latest version IDEA (Irida build 3397). We cannot figure out how to setup the same Web application in IDEA. I am a big fan of IDEA and I've used it before but not for Web development. Is there a way in IDEA to just point it to a directory of sources and have it build the project? I could not find such an option so I tried to create a new project using the project wizard but where does the IDEA web resource directory, web module directory, web module exploded directory and source directory map to in the blueprints layout? Is there an explanation of all these directories somewhere? In the blueprints the WEB-INF directory is under the application and it contains the web.xml. Is that where we point the Deployment Descriptor to in IDEA New Project Wizard. Is it a problem since it is under the application directory?

Is there a resource or help file as to how to setup a Web Application in IDEA? How do I connect IDEA to the ANT file? Is there a way to import a project from NetBeans?


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I've had these same issues since IDEA 6, but I can't figure this out either.

My biggest issue is it seems that a Web facet doesn't have it's own src directory when you create a new Project with a war, ejb jar and ear facet. (I could be doing things wrong, of course.)

For my work environment, we use the Java BluePrints directory guidelines... so, I'll have to stick with NetBeans for that reason.


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