How to enable auto-scrolling in run console (Intellij 7.0.3)?

I recently switched from Intellij 6.x to 7.0.3 and now experience that the run console does not automatically scroll to end (tested on Mac and Linux), meaning whenever there's additional output while running something I have to scroll down via mousewheel or scrollbar. In Intellij 6 the run console is auto-scrolling.

Is there a config option to enable this?


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Hi Thomas,

I have the same issue, but usually it helps to put the cursor all the way down... (and sometimes it doesn't :))


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I have pretty much always had this problem with Intellij. Sometimes the console window auto-scrolls and sometimes it doesn't. I have never been able to figure out what makes it stop auto scrolling. Sometimes moving the cursor to the bottom of the console will make it start auto-scrolling again and sometimes it doesn't.

Sometimes scrolling the console up makes the auto-scroll stop as well, although sometimes when you scroll up the console will jump back down to the bottom when something is written to it, and again sometimes it doesn't. Some consistency here would be nice:-)


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