struts-config.xml jsp's not resolved properly by IDE (but works in tomcat)

This is probably a simple re-configuration change, easy points for someone .. ;) .

Referring to an application that is working fine through ant, eclipse and in jboss and/or tomcat runtime:

All of the input and forward targets have pathnames like '/jsp/blah.jsp'.

These are universally receiving "cannot resolve symbol definition".

Now that sounds like a mismatch between the context base and my file system / project directory structure.

However, looking at the Web Module settings, they seem correct:

File | Project Settings | Modules | web Module | Web Resource Directories
Web Resource directory: c:\k\AppRoot (That is CORRECT: that is indeed the file system root directory for my webapp!)
Path Relative to Deployment root / (That also seems correct based on the documentation)

Here is an example target for reference.


Is your struts config located under web root? Which variants are suggested
after the leading slash?


Yes the struts-config is living in WEB-INF as it should.

When I put "/", then it immediately goes RED (??)

When I just put "' (empty string) then it does give suggestions: JUST the action forwards defined in that same struts-config file plus the explicitly defined servlets mapped in the web.xml.

So clearly it is finding/matching up with the web.xml. But funny thing it is not even trying to show me any files, even in a wrong directory. Just none.

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It looks like you havn't configured a content root for c:\k\AppRoot. Have


Do you mean "Web Resource Directory" in the Web Facet dialog? That is set to c:\k\AppRoot. Is there any other related setting? I have looked around all of the project settings (and especially web-module) dialogs many times: but still quite possible I missed something.


I mean "Sources" tab in the module settings. What content roots have you


Hi Dimitry,
The module sources include c:\k\AppRoot (for the webapp) and c:\k\src (for the java) are included. The location of the jsp's is c:\k\AppRoot\jsp and it is included in the sources.


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