Import Database Schema Dialog: How to configure the Generate Mapping XML

After inputting and verifying a datasource and selecting a package, I'd like to: generate the mapping xml. I click on hibernate mapping and navigate to one of the src directories, but then the "OK" button remains grayed-out/disabled.

What does intellij want here? Am i supposed to point it to an hibernate.hbm.xml or something? I thought it had created one for me already when I specified hibernate bindings in the new project dialog.


I have moved this post over to the EAP area, since there is a lengthy list of problems to be addressed.

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Hello Stephen,

But there was no message to that effect at the

A bit strange, the message is shown for me: see attachment.



HI Alexander,
My situation was a bit different than what you show here. The oracle database I entered lowercase schema name, not realizing that that would result in NO tables found. Then, nothing showed up in the list and no error message.

Anyways, the list of problems was displayed in the posting in the EAP area. Some of my issues were about features that are in fact available, but are not necessarily intuitive (some of the buttons for example). And others are about bugs specific to oracle.

After a fair amount of work and several attempts, I did finally manage to get a list of hibernate mappings. The mappings were not perfecly valid, but were close enough that I could make the final changes. So that was useful in any case.


stephen b


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