Stack Overflow - A warning and a question.

Firstly, I thought I'd just post a heads up to this little critter:

It's particularly nasty in that it subtly introduces a stack overflow in
a stealthy manner.

Which brings me on to my question: I just fell foul of this and I
noticed when my app froze with 100% CPU. I was running in debug at the
time, and so I switched back to Idea and clicked the pause button, to no
avail. Idea was also now frozen and nothing happened until I got bored
after 5 mins and killed the debuggee's process, at which point IDEA
recovered. All my other running apps were responding ok* during the
whole process.

My question is why is this happening? Is it the VM behaving badly or is
it a problem with IDEA? I think it's a reasonable assumption that this
should not happen - the ide should be a master to it's debugged process
and not allow it to completely take over.

  • considering.

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This is bug in IDEA's debugger. Fixed in build #930.


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