imho: a strong feature of intellij is its comprehensive code insight

Having used intellij only recently, as with all ide's there are issues.
But a standout aspect of it, that seems to make it more than worthwhile is its comprehensive intellisense :

A struts page example:

From the struts-config.xml navigate to either the Action or to the jsp page, and then you can navigate to I think literally everything on the page:

jsp page directives (e.g. go to java source)
xsd/dtd in header
jsp/jstl tags (go to tag source)
javascript (go to js source)
html (provide correct lists of attributes as hints)
css (ditto)

Now, other IDE's have xsd/dtd and some degree of html support, but do not cover the gamut listed above, at least not out of the box or with significant effort at customisation/plug-in discovery.

This is powerful.


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