IDEA does not respect OS X Spaces

I tried to file this in JIRA but I an error resulted within JIRA itself. Maybe external users can't file issues? The error I received is:

"HTTP Status 404 - No view for result exists for action "

The bug report I am trying to file is as follows:

Under OS X (10.5.2), with IDEA running in a different space then you are in, Cmd+Tab switching does not show IDEA. The IDEA menu bar does appear, but the space does not change to the one IDEA is in and the application window is not brought into the foreground.

This does not appear to be a Apple JVM issue. The same behavior is not exhibited by other java applications such as JEdit.

Build: 7757

Environment: OS X 10.5.2

Edited by: Mike on Apr 14, 2008 10:31 PM (To make post more clear)

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