severe maven project import problems with 7.0.3


i managed to import maven project to 7.0.2, but all possible ways i tried with 7.0.3 did not succeed (which makes 7.0.3 unusable for me). initial setup of maven project works fine (pom.xml is recognized etc.) but as soon a 'Make' is done compile errors occur.

sample project can be downloaded under
does anybody succeed (and how) to import this to 7.0.3 and make it compile with maven inside intellij?

maven commandline works fine.

thanks for your help.

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it seems that intellij maven integration is a bit buggy (import of maven projects).
after creating files with maven idea plugin on command-line it worked.

what makes me a bit wondering is, why intellij is not using maven idea plugin itself, which generally seems to work fine.

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The 7.0.3 indeed has a problem with dependencies resolution. It has been fixed in 8.0 eap and upcoming 7.0.4 eap.


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