Running Tomcat as it is

Hey guru's and wizards,

I'm building a customized liferay portal completely with maven. All war's are where they need to be and all configuration files are overlayed depending on the deployment choice (dev, test, prod). However being the only one in our team running IntelliJ instead of eclipse I run into an annoying problem: how do I debug and run tomcat / the portal from intellij?

When I point IntelliJ to the preconfigured Tomcat directory and choose to run it my JNDI properties are not loaded from root.xml. Running tomcat from the commandline however everything is just fine. It seems IntelliJ puts its own base configuration in place?

The workaround (which I don't really like): running from the commandline and debugging using sockets over jpda.

Does anyone know how I can pull this of without leaving my IDE?


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