Ant Tool Window - can ant scripts be arranged in alphabetical order

On the ant tool window I have several ant scripts about 15 - 20 (one for each IDEA module).
At times I have a hard time find the script I need to execute since they are only arranged in the order in which they were added.
This makes navigating the list very hard.

Is there a way to organize the scripts. If not, this will be a handy feature to have.

Is there another way to run ant scripts - Eclipse allows ant scripts to be run from individual modules. Does IDEA have anything similar?


I attached a file that should decribe this more.

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Is there a way to organize the scripts. If not, this will be a handy feature to have.

To my knowledge, there is not a direct way. There is a hack. Close the project. On your system, find the project's .ipr file. Make a back up copy, and then open the original in a text editor (or XML editor - I've even opened another IDEA project, and then just used File | Open File to open it so I have IDEA's editing capabilities). Find the element (it's usually one of the first elements). In it, you will see a series ]]> elements. Rearrange those in the order desired. Save and close.

A bit of a hassle, but it works.

I thought I had seen a JIRA report at one point requesting the ability to change the order of these. I did not find it just now when I tried a very quick search for it. So you might want to take a look and see if one exists If not, create one. Either way post it's number here so people interested can cote for it. There is IDEADEV-3998 which is a request to be able to rearrange the target names displayed within an ant build. And there is IDEADEV-13360 Drag-n-drop Ant scripts to Ant Build tool window - to me it would be nice if you could do the reordering via drag and drop, so I added a comment to that JIRA. You might want to vote for it.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Mark ,
Those links were helpful. I voted for both of them. Did not create a new issue since i felt most of my request was already covered.
Thanks for pointing me to JIRA - I did not know one existed.



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