"9: Changes" => Repository: allow to choose the data displayed

When looking at "Repository" tab of the "9: Changes" panel I see that every changelist has the commit date displayed. Which seems to be redundant when those changelists are grouped by the date already (Today, Tuesday, Monday, etc - btw, that "Today" is a beautiful idea, of course!).
I would suggest to display the revision number instead - it would be much more helpful !

The date then could be displayed next to "Today":
- Today, 3/19/08
- Tuesday, 3/18/08
- etc ..

Right now the fact that revision number can only be retrieved with Ctrl+Q (right click -> Show Details) makes it really tiresome when looking for specific revision.

But the best solution will be for user to be able to decide what is displayed, like right click -> "Choose Columns" and then he'll decide whether he prefers to see the date, the revision number, the number of files, the author, etc.

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And do we need a "more..." or just "..." will be enough ?



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