Question on generating WAR file

I am coming from Eclipse/MyEclipse, where generating a WAR is really simple. I code directly in my directory structure (src and webroot) and run the test server from there (webroot). When I compile, the class files go right to webroot/web-inf/classes. When I create a WAR, it just packages my web root and works nicely.

I can't figure out how to do the same thinkg in IDEA. I am getting the compiled java files to go to classes, but it seems to do a lot more. When I build, it copies all my web root files (html) into web-inf/classes. I also don't get a complete WAR when I try to build.

I can get a bit further by specifying a deploy directory outside of the project directory, if I specify all the individual sub directories under the web root, I still cannot seem to get the html files in the web root directory to deploy. When I select the root, it complains that i already selected directories under that.

I think there is much for me to configure but I don't know where to start. I also think there are better ways to develop with IDEA. I am new to the product but love it so far, and am no longer using eclipse.


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