Disk quota exceeded message with 7.0.2 (7590 build)

I get an error message:
"Could not save application settgins: com.intellij.openapi.components.StateStorage$StateStorageException: java.io.IOException: Disk quota exceeded"

This error message pops up after running for about 5 minutes with lots of exceptions of similar nature on the Command Line.

I am on Linux, using jdk1.6.0_04.
"df -k ." shows more than 25% available space on my directories like /tmp, /idea-install
Running with 512M as the maximum heap size and 256M as the max perm size.

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yoiur settings are by default stored in your ${user.home}/.IntelliJIdea70 and can get pretty big (> 1G for my work machine, using lots of libs and many different and big projects).

you can change this by modifying ${idea.home}/bin/idea.properties

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Yes, that solved the issue. I altered the idea.properties file.


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