IntelliJ FORUMS unavailable at 1AM GMT

Around 1AM GMT last night, and off and on for the last few weeks, the forums & EAP section has been unavailable around 1 AM GMT.

Will this continue ?

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It happens every day at that time (0000 GMT onward). It seems to take at least an hour and often much more.

I find it annoying 'cause that's late afternoon here and I'm still working and would like to check in on the Forums.

I think the daily maintenance should be done at a time when fewer people are likely to want to access the Forums. I'm in the Silicon Valley, and I'd have to believe there's a fair concentration of IDEA users in this time-zone, given that it includes the Bay Area, Los Angels and Seattle...

Randall Schulz

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Well I'm afraid lots of users are also Europe Based, or even Russia/asia based , especially considering the fact that Jetbrains is Russian :)

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I don't see the problem.

Pick a time that would only have users out in the Pacific ocean.

Besides, what does it do that keeps it off line for so long every single day?



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