Breakpoints in 915

Seems to me that breakpoints ceased to work in inner classes. When the
program is launched in debug mode, if I click on the margin of a line in a
first-level class, the red dot contains a green check. But within an inner
class it doesn't have the green check, and the dot appears bigger.

Rahel Luethy wrote:

#915 / j2sdk1.4.2 / SuSE 8.2

when debugging with #915, IDEA won't respect my breakpoints (i.e. doesn't
suspend VM). anyone having the same problems?

cu: rahel

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Yes, there are probrems with breakpoints in local, nested and anonymous classes. And I can see any workaround for them. These bugs will be fixed in the nearest build.

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Can see == cant' see. Misspelling.


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